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Codeforces Round #502 (in memory of Leopoldo Taravilse, Div. 1 + Div. 2)

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This round is in memory of Leopoldo Taravilse.

Leopoldo Taravilse (ltaravilse) was a distinguished member of the competitive programming community in Argentina and Latin America. As a contestant, he reached the ACM-ICPC World Finals in 2010 and 2012, and was active in CodeForces and TopCoder. After 2012 he became a problemsetter for the ACM-ICPC South American regionals and the Argentinian Programming Tournament, and later coach for a World Finalist team in 2016.

Leopoldo's passion was helping others realize their full potential in competitive programming. He taught at various competitive programming schools in Brazil, Cuba, Peru and Bolivia, and his role organizing the Argentinian Training Camp cannot be overstated. Under his wing, it grew from a small group of friends in 2010 to a major event featuring international sponsors and having hundreds of participants coming from all corners of Latin America. Through successive editions of the Training Camp, Leopoldo inspired students to learn and improve, to give back to the community, and to have fun doing it.

With his intelligence, warm heart, relentless work ethics and witty sense of humour Leopoldo touched countless lives. We will miss him as a friend, a mentor, a teammate, a drinking buddy, a role model, an overall great person.

Rest in peace my dear Leo.

You can see this blog: A round in the name of ltaravilse.

And you can donate for prizes of this round: In Memory of Leopoldo Taravilse.

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce: Codeforces Round #502!

This round will take place on Aug/08/2018 17:05 (Moscow time). It is rated for all participants and everyone will have 8 problems and 2 hours 15 minutes to solve them.

The contest is created by Magolor. This is the first competition I proposed. I hope that you will enjoy it. The heroes are from a TV show that I like and do not have any relation to Leopoldo.

7 of the 8 problems are created by myself. Thanks to:

  • ODT for inspiring me and discussing the problems with me.
  • Anton arsijo Tsypko for examining my problems, helping me a lot on this contest and designing problem B.
  • Max zubec Zub, Danya danya.smelskiy Smelskiy, Sofia Sonechko Melnyk, Stanislav StasyaCat Bezkorovainiy for testing the round and improving the problems and solutions.
  • Mike MikeMirzayanov Mirzayanov for Codeforces, Polygon and the help he offered to me.
  • Ahmed ahmed_aly Aly for his initiative to host this round in memory of Leopoldo.

...Yet Another Chinese Round...?

Scoring distribution: TO BE UPDATED.

Prizes distribution: $133 for top 30, delivered using bitcoin or amazon gift card (each contestant chooses).


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