Codeforces Contests Picker Goes Live: Celebrating ICPC Season

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Hello beloved community, today I am happy to present you codeforce's contest picker which is a public version of our internal community's picker that can be read about here.

This is a continuation of CPC (Competitive Programming Community) project that you can check out in my older blogs.

What does it do?

It's simple, you add a list of handles and it will pick you all the contests that none of the handles had tried (submitted, not necessarily accepted) before.

Gym is now included:

Since ICPC is near, I decided to include gym contests since you guys probably want to do them with your teams? I hope I was right.

Normal rounds are also included:

Right at the top of the website you see Virtual Contest Picker.

Searching works.

Both Virtual Contests / Gym Pickers have a search bar that filters the list using some string. If you want to do past ACM regionals with your mates you can just type ACM in the search-bar and it will show you ... contests whose name contains ACM.. obviously.


1- Visit our website (below).

2- Choose your picker.

3- Add a list of handles.

4- Choose the contest.

5- Solve the contest.

6- Go to ICPC.

7- Beat Um_nik and his team.

Step 6 and 7 are optional. Jk, 1 to 5 are the optional.

Pick a Contest


Credits: Laggy Bassel

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