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Hi Codeforces, today I wanted to talk about difficulty of browsing/searching old blogs. As we all know, blogs are one of key features of Codeforces, that's why Codeforces has problems and community and others sites have just problems, but there is one thing about them that is annoying me since forever and nothing has been done here even though Codeforces experiences a lot of various improvements throughout the years. And that thing is that it is basically impossible to browse blogs that are no longer in "recent actions"! Sometimes I want to write some comment under the blog that was active yesterday, but nobody wrote there anything today and it got out of recent actions and I have no way to find it! Or example of another usecase: yesterday I virtually participated in WF18 and remembered that there were some discussions about problemset, about issues with precision, some rants on "physics problem" etc. and I would like to read that, but I couldn't really find these topics. Some cheaty ways of finding old blogs would be to remember username of author or somebody that posted a comment there and search in their blogs/comments, but I often don't remember that. Google can sometimes help, but sometimes can't.

What I would love to see would be the following:

1) List of all blogs sorted by time of last post, so that I can browse them in order of ongoing discussions and so that I can find some blog that I read yesterday since it was in recent actions, but today it isn't (I have no particular blog in mind, just explaining general usecase :P).

2) List of all blogs sorted by creating time, so that I can browse them based on remembering when it was created, which would be very useful when finding blogs about some particular competitions since blogs about them are created around the time when they happen.

Maybe after it is done, some other features can be added like for example filtering by color of author (either by current or by his color when he created blog) since that information is often easy to remember and can help searching blogs, but these are far less important than providing functionalities which I described before.

I really wish these could be implemented and I wish you a wonderful day!

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