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Hi Everyone,

My friend, Anish Reddy, and I, Locke Cai, started a non-profit called Empower

Anish is a high school sophomore who is interested in journalism and business management, and he won first place at the Wharton Investment Competition!! He has a variety of interests ranging from reading books to watching sports. He is excited to lead Empower and looks forward to promoting education to unprivileged youth worldwide.

I am a high school sophomore who has a deep interest in math and computer science. I am currently a Platinum competitor in USACO, and I also qualified for USAJMO. Aside from that, I love to give back to my community through any means which is why I am thrilled to start Empower!

We founded Empower to help solve the educational disparities in STEM and business related fields because many underprivileged students don't have access to high-quality STEM and business education. At Empower, we provide cost-free education in competitive programming and economics to low-income students by hosting after school programs, speaker events, and summer camps.

We host sessions for students through Zoom, and we have nationally recognized students at elite universities (i.e Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Princeton University) and professional investment banking analysts/stock traders as guest speakers!

If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of a topic you are interested in by high-level professionals, Empower is for you! This will serve as your “training experience” so down the line, we can offer you a position as a tutor and we could help you start up your own chapter. That being said, if you are only interested in receiving an education we would still love to have you onboard!

(We would prefer high school students/tutors who are fluent at English)


Go to our website: (Our website is still in construction)

Click on “register.”

Fill out the short google form to sign up!

If you have any questions or concerns please email: &


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