Streams on Codeforces

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Hello everyone!

Today Codeforces got support for streams! Thanks tourist for the great idea!

There are two popular platforms supported: Twitch and YouTube. The opportunity to add streams to Codeforces is open to red participants and by individual invitations for now. We possibly open this opportunity to more users later.

The idea is that streamers will be able to announce their streams to the Codeforces audience. To do this, you should add the stream to the site using a special section in your profile. Please, note that when adding a Twitch stream, you just need to specify the URL of your channel, and when adding a YouTube broadcast, its unique short link (URL like

Shortly before the start of the stream, a notification about the upcoming stream will appear in the sidebar on the right, which will be shown to all site visitors.

For example, right now there is a Errichto's stream announcement in the sidebar.

Streams in sidebar

We have embed stream viewing right into the Codeforces interface. It turned out to be difficult to embed the YouTube stream chat, so there is no such opportunity for now. For Twitch streams, the chat will be visible on Codeforces.

We plan to improve this functionality in the future. What improvements do you think would be reasonable?


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