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Things I don't know

Revision en1, by Um_nik, 2021-06-26 16:01:20

I'm just in a mood to shitpost. Don't take it too seriously.

Things that I have heard of, but don't know (imagine how many things I haven't even heard of):

  • Li-Chao Segment Tree
  • Segment Tree Beats
  • RMQ in $$$O(n)$$$/$$$O(1)$$$
  • Any self-balancing tree except treap
  • Link-cut tree
  • Wavelet tree
  • Mergesort tree
  • Binomial heap
  • Fibonacci heap
  • Leftist heap
  • Dominator tree
  • 3-connected components in $$$O(n)$$$
  • $$$k$$$-th shortest path
  • Matching in general graph
  • Weighted matching in general graph
  • Preflow-push
  • MCMF in $$$O(poly(V, E))$$$
  • Minimum arborescence (directed MST) in $$$O(E \log V)$$$
  • Suffix tree
  • Online convex hull in 2D
  • Convex hull in 3D
  • Halfplane intersection
  • Voronoi diagram / Delaunay triangulation
  • Operation on formal power series (exp, log, sqrt, ...) (I know the general idea of Newton method)
  • How to actually use generating functions to solve problems
  • Lagrange Inversion formula
  • That derivative magic by Elegia
  • That new subset convolution derivative magic by Elegia
  • How Elegia's mind works
  • Sweepline Mo
  • Matroid intersection

If you know at least 3 of these things and you are not red — you are doing it wrong. Stop learning useless algorithms, go and solve some problems, learn how to use binary search.


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