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By Dragonado, 3 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

Web Enthusiasts' Club NITK and IEEE NITK will be hosting SiliconMaze 2021 on June 26th, which is a series of technical contests: a Kaggle contest, Web Dev contest, Systems contest and a CP contest.

It is a 24 hrs event and all 4 contests will occur simultaneously. The following details pertain to the CP contest hosted on CodeDrills by Algorithms Track.

Contest Details:

  • Contest Link — SiliconMaze 2021 Algorithms
  • Date & Time — 26 June 2021, Saturday, 17:00 IST
  • Duration — 24 Hours
  • Will follow standard ICPC scoring system (20 minutes penalty and 1 point per problem)
  • There will be 12 problems of varying difficulty.
  • It is a team contest and it would be unrated.
  • This contest is not in any way related to any official ICPC contests conducted by CodeDrills.


  • You will need to create a team on the contest page in order to participate.
  • Team size can be up to 3.
  • Fill this form (one per team).
  • While creating the team on CodeDrills, add the registered emails of other users to invite them to join your team. They will get an invite email, ask them to accept.
  • For more details on team registration, refer this guide.

Note: Register your teams & accept invites before the start of the contest. This won't be allowed after the contest starts!


  • Each track has equal weightage towards the overall score. Do try the other track events to increase your overall score.
  • Top 2 overall best teams after counting the scores of all 4 tracks will receive a cash prize and swag pack that includes T-shirts!
  • Only Indian participants are eligible for prizes but everyone can participate.

Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

I would like to thank all of them for the round preparation. Along with them I would also like to thank

Do join our official discord server for information and updates regarding other tracks. I hope you will enjoy solving the problems. Any feedback is appreciated after the contest.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Hope to see you participating!!

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By Dragonado, 8 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

We , aditya_chirania, niranjan.sy99, lomadapraveenreddy, janmansh and I (Dragonado) of IEEE-NITK, are extremely happy to release our VSCode Extension for CF called CodePal

CodePal is made to help Codeforces Users Code with Convenience. This extension is especially for people who want to save time in a live codeforces contest and upsolve problems comfortably. This extension responds quickly to users. It can swiftly filter through the problem list by specifying tags and ratings, create folders for contests and problems containing sample tests of each problem in them and compile and run tests automatically. For added convenience, we've created buttons to directly open problem statements and submission pages on the default browser.

Current Features of this Extension

  • View Complete ProblemSet List along with their associated tags and ratings.
  • Swiftly Filter through the ProblemSet by specifying Ratings and Tags.
  • View Currently running, Upcoming and all Past contests and also view the precise start date, time, and duration of upcoming contests.
  • Fast Folder Creation on a single click for Contests from the Codeforces contest list and Problems from the Codeforces problem list.
    • Folder for a contest contains a folder for each problem and also contains all sample test cases and program files for each problem.
    • Folder for a problem consists of all its sample test cases and a program file loaded with a template whose path may be specified in the settings.
    • Manually create a contest or problem folder by simply specifying name of contest/problem and number of problems.
  • Add additional tests to any problem.
  • Compile and run any program file against the test cases and get comprehensive results.
  • Open the problem statement or submission page with a single click, on your default browser. (You must be logged in to codeforces beforehand to open the submission page successfully)
  • Compiler may be selected and compilation flags can be set through the CodePal settings.
  • Perform Stress testing to find a counter test case for your code.
  • Get a personalized experience of viewing details of your Codeforces profile and the status of problem submissions made, by entering your Codeforces handle in the codepal settings.

Languages Supported

  • C++ (compiler: g++)
  • C (compiler: GCC)
  • Java (compiler: javac)
  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • Note: You may add additional compilation flags through the codepal settings (example: -std=c++14) and also choose between python, python2, or python3 depending upon the python command you use on your system to run.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Here is a snapshot of the extension

You can install our extension here:

You can find the usage guide, developer docs, and demo GIFs here:

Please do try it and give us your feedback. If you face issues or bugs, please comment on this blog or here. We're planning some more features for our subsequent releases and wish to keep all subsequent releases as smooth functioning and responsive as this.

Thank you :)

UPD 1: MAC support for C++, C, Python and Java are there too now. The version has been updated to 0.0.2.

UPD 2: v1.0.0 Released : New features such as stress testing and keyboard shortcuts have been added. You can also get a personalized experience(User profile details and status of past attempted problems are shown) by entering just your CF handle in CodePal settings.

UPD 3: We are planning to add more features in our extension, so it ll be great if the community of users can file issues in the repository describing any feature they think should be added.

UPD 4: Version 1.0.1 released. Please check out our extension if you haven't. You may view our changelog on our repository to see whats new this release.

UPD 5: There are some open issues regarding some enhancements and feature requests on our repository. If anyone is interested in working on them or contributing to us, feel free to discuss with us in the issues section of our github repository and help make this extension even better for the codeforces community.

UPD 6: We recently released V1.1.0 with some minor changes and an extra feature for manual folder creation as well. Please checkout our changelog for more info on whats new.

UPD 7: Kotlin support has been added


UPD: Hi everyone, because of coursework, we are finding it slightly hard to make a subsequent release any sooner. But we have quite some nice ideas in mind including support for atcoder, making a stronger test runner to flexibly run/remove any test case, using webviews to integrate the view of the problem statement in VS code itself, etc. If the anyone is interested in taking up any such feature or are proposing to implement a new feature, we are willing to discuss and help out. It can really help expanding the reach of this extension across more platforms without needed any additional browser extensions.

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