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I want to introduce Coursera ( for how are not familiar yet) that helps you find some interesting courses , in any field of science , taught by experienced Profs that works like real class. by that I mean it includes :

  • Video Lectures (With several Explanation even about a simplest thing)

  • Any kind of problems ( e.g programming and theory problems)

  • And good discussion forums.

  • Some of these courses give you degree ( statement of accomplishment ) that signed by the instructor.

And most important thing that you got all of these for free.

I take Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 , Analytic Combinatorics, Part I & Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory , and I recommend to you to take them.

Have fun with these courses!

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I also would like to recommend everyone to take some non-CS courses. Almost all of them do not require a huge background, but you get knowledge in a very different area of study. For example, I'm taking 'Introduction to genetics and evolution' right now and it's really amazing. Have nothing to do with computers, but it's still logical and very interesting.

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It's worth mentioning that that there are some other platforms similar to coursera. The most comprehensive list I know is: http://www.class-central.com/

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    Thanks a lot , but are other platform's course materials as simple as Coursera ?

    I think Coursera is suitable for everyone with any kind of knowledge( as yeputons said) but when I explore other platforms it seemed to be prepared for college students.