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Hello Codeforces!

I was recently part of a team which wrote the first Bay Area Programming Contest and hosted it through a Codeforces gym. Now, I want to post the editorial for this gym, but I've run into some issues, which are bolded in the blog below. (We found out while hosting the contest that people tend to get angry if the important parts of some text aren't in bold.)

Embedding a Tutorial into a Codeforces Blog

When I went to go write the editorial blog, I realized that I didn't actually know how to embed tutorials into blogs, and no option to add a tutorial shows up in the editor. Fortunately, a bit of searching around led me to this blog, which provides the syntax. However, that blog's purpose was definitely not to explain how to embed editorials. So, is there some comprehensive list of all the features that CF blogs support? I can't help but wonder if there are other things I don't know about either. In addition, why isn't there an option to embed a blog in the CF blog editor?

Public Editorials for Group Contests

Once I was able to embed an editorial, the preview that appeared also included red text, saying (not publicly available). I presume this is because the problems are in a Codeforces Gym which is private, even if the gym is in a public group. However, making the gym public will also change some settings that I don't want to be changed. Is there a way to keep the gym private (only accessible through the group), while still allowing anybody to read the editorial?

PDF Editorials in Contest Materials

Somebody on Discord made the good suggestion of posting the Polygon-generated PDF editorial in contest materials, so that contestants would at least be able to view something. But this raises yet another question: what URL should I put when uploading to contest materials? Obviously, this should be the link to the editorial PDF, but is there any way I can get Codeforces to host the PDF editorial?

Does anybody know how to resolve these issues?

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