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1221C Submit 1200  x8966
492B Submit 1200  x23991
195A Submit 1100  x3733
1099B Submit 1100  x7256
1293A Submit 1100  x9273
1195B Submit 1100  x9715
1288A Submit 1100  x10042
919B Submit 1100  x12707
706B Submit 1100  x17327
978C Submit 1000  x9001
202A Submit 900  x5636
1138A Submit 900  x7767
750A Submit 800  x20776
1170F Submit  x79
1275F Submit  x90
1310C Submit  x97
1170E Submit  x183
1313B Submit  x2691
1315B Submit  x2916
1311C Submit  x5246