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# Name   Sort desc. Sort desc.
1356D2 Submit  x113
1356D1 Submit  x123
1356C Submit  x279
1356B2 Submit  x258
1356B1 Submit  x257
1356A5 Submit  x302
1356A4 Submit  x426
1356A3 Submit  x425
1356A2 Submit  x449
1356A1 Submit  x563
1346I Submit 2900  x15
1346H Submit 2700  x20
1346G Submit 2300  x79
1346F Submit 2000  x146
1346E Submit 1700  x206
1346D Submit 1600  x310
1346C Submit 1600  x398
1346B Submit 1400  x764
1346A Submit 1000  x1223
1297I Submit  x13
1297H Submit  x16
1297G Submit  x45
1297F Submit  x92
1297E Submit  x154
1297D Submit  x226
1297C Submit  x348
1297B Submit  x323
1297A Submit  x792
1275F Submit  x91
1275E3 Submit  x56
1275E2 Submit  x130
1275E1 Submit  x254
1275D Submit  x419
1275C Submit  x654
1275B Submit  x807
1275A Submit  x869
1211I Submit 3000  x16
1211H Submit 3100  x18
1211G Submit 2500  x43
1211F Submit 2300  x81
1211E Submit 2000  x122
1211D Submit 2000  x148
1211C Submit 1700  x333
1211B Submit 1500  x550
1211A Submit 1000  x701
1193B Submit  x196
1193A Submit  x99
1193C Submit  x18
1192A Submit  x41
1192C Submit  x238
1192B Submit  x290
1170I Submit  x18
1170H Submit  x25
1170G Submit  x49
1170F Submit  x89
1170E Submit  x204
1170D Submit  x334
1170C Submit  x619
1170B Submit  x793
1170A Submit  x1101
1160A2 Submit  
1115U3 Submit 1700  x183
1115U2 Submit 1600  x211
1115U1 Submit 1500  x229
1115G3 Submit 1600  x209
1115G2 Submit 1600  x287
1115G1 Submit 1100  x335
1057C Submit 2000  x377
1057B Submit 1400  x1212
1057A Submit 900  x2432
1001I Submit 1700  x366
1001H Submit 1200  x470
1001G Submit 1400  x489
1001F Submit 1300  x486
1001E Submit 1600  x509
1001D Submit 1400  x628
1001C Submit 1400  x597
1001B Submit 1400  x652
1001A Submit 1100  x889
929C Submit 1700  x1043
929B Submit 1300  x1981
929A Submit 1400  x2342
928D Submit 1900  x720
928C Submit 1900  x829
928B Submit 1400  x1896
928A Submit 1200  x2666
775A Submit 2900  
774L Submit 2000  x175
774K Submit 1600  x1027
774J Submit 2000  x257
774I Submit 2300  x67
774H Submit 2200  x149
774G Submit 2700  x56
774F Submit 2700  x54
774E Submit 2300  x138
774D Submit 1500  x1533
774C Submit 1200  x2407
774B Submit 2100  x165
774A Submit 2100  x251
784G Submit 2000  x616