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# Name   Sort desc. Sort desc.
1297I Submit  x7
1297H Submit  x8
1297G Submit  x35
1297F Submit  x76
1297E Submit  x124
1297D Submit  x198
1297C Submit  x298
1297B Submit  x272
1297A Submit  x676
1275F Submit  x90
1275E3 Submit  x56
1275E2 Submit  x130
1275E1 Submit  x254
1275D Submit  x419
1275C Submit  x651
1275B Submit  x797
1275A Submit  x858
1211I Submit 3000  x16
1211H Submit 3000  x16
1211G Submit 2500  x36
1211F Submit 2400  x73
1211E Submit 2200  x107
1211D Submit 2200  x135
1211C Submit 2000  x306
1211B Submit 1500  x518
1211A Submit 1300  x643
1193B Submit  x178
1193A Submit  x88
1193C Submit  x17
1192A Submit  x37
1192C Submit  x222
1192B Submit  x247
1170I Submit  x16
1170H Submit  x22
1170G Submit  x44
1170F Submit  x80
1170E Submit  x187
1170D Submit  x309
1170C Submit  x582
1170B Submit  x741
1170A Submit  x1044
1160A2 Submit  
1115U3 Submit 2200  x140
1115U2 Submit 2200  x159
1115U1 Submit 2200  x177
1115G3 Submit 2200  x154
1115G2 Submit 2200  x215
1115G1 Submit 2200  x254
1057C Submit 2300  x348
1057B Submit 1800  x1146
1057A Submit 1700  x2064
1001I Submit 2700  x306
1001H Submit 2500  x387
1001G Submit 2500  x403
1001F Submit 2400  x400
1001E Submit 2400  x418
1001D Submit 2300  x518
1001C Submit 2300  x492
1001B Submit 2000  x533
1001A Submit 2200  x727
929C Submit 2000  x1029
929B Submit 1700  x1973
929A Submit 1600  x2334
928D Submit 2400  x709
928C Submit 2300  x824
928B Submit 1800  x1824
928A Submit 1600  x2511
775A Submit 2900  
774L Submit 2200  x162
774K Submit 1600  x993
774J Submit 2100  x252
774I Submit 2500  x64
774H Submit 2400  x144
774G Submit 2900  x51
774F Submit 2600  x50
774E Submit 2400  x132
774D Submit 1500  x1487
774C Submit 1200  x2228
774B Submit 2300  x155
774A Submit 2300  x244
784G Submit 2100  x609
784F Submit 2200  x697
784E Submit 2000  x1456
784D Submit 2500  x269
784C Submit 2300  x456
784B Submit 2300  x566
784A Submit 1700  x2411
770D Submit 1900  x1436
770C Submit 1900  x1648
770B Submit 1700  x1960
770A Submit 1500  x6100
769D Submit 1800  x1566
769C Submit 1800  x1102
769B Submit 1600  x2679
769A Submit 1500  x3615
683J Submit 2900  x26
683I Submit 2600  x24
683H Submit 2100  x73
683G Submit 2100  x107
683F Submit 2000  x119