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A few hours ago I saw I_love_HellHoleStudios asking for English statements of Chinese OI problems in his/her blog, so I spent my whole afternoon translating Round 1 of NOI2019 (Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics) into English and uploaded them here.

For each contest, you can get sample tests and statements in both Chinese and English from my repository. If you find some ambiguous sentences, you can look up at the Chinese statement in the folder and use Google translate to determine what it means.

Because of the special rules of Chinese OI rounds, each participant can only submit once for each problem, which needs participants to be more careful.

Currently, we only have Day1 of NOI2019. I'll add more contests and more problems when I'm available in the future. Of course, anyone is welcomed to contribute to this project by translating some problems or correcting the mistakes you find in the statements.

Sorry for my poor English and hope that all of you can enjoy these problems.

UPD 1: It seems that the English short form "NOI" is not really good enough (Maybe "COI" or "CNOI" would be better), but actually, the official short name of the contest is "NOI", according to the official site.

UPD 2: Now all the 6 roblems from NOI2019 are ready!

UPD 3: During this year, I used mkdocs to make this a problem archiving site. Now you can access it via https://megaowier.github.io/CNOI-problems.

By the way, NOI2020 has finished a few days ago, and I plan to translate the problems these days. Anyone is welcomed to contribute translations to the problems.


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