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phpduke's blog

By phpduke, 2 years ago, In English,

I realized a lot of people keep pursuing and learning Competitive Programming because they get addicted to Rankings & Ratings. In this blog i have tried to help you exploit your same existing mechanism and learn Machine Learning in the process while pursuing it a competitive way.

I have drawn examples from around 10 kaggle Competitions and illustrated what works and what doesn't , what is important and what is not and how much time usually it takes for each step while competing. I have also heavily linked through the blog post and it contains more than enough links for you to start competing on Kaggle or Analytics Vidhya seriously.

Link to original Blog Post on "Introduction to Competitive Machine Learning"

Also last event by Threads, Felicity'18 called "Kings of Machine Learning" is still live. There is Rs 15,000 cash prizes and 20 T-shirts up for the Grab. If you enjoyed participating in other threads events like Gordian Knot, Codecraft, Fools Programming then probably you will enjoy this too.

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By phpduke, history, 2 years ago, In English,

Gordian Knot is a Project Euler styled contest that challenges you to untangle the intricate enigmas of mathematics. Feel free to deploy your programming skills to make your life easy. Variety of problem set is slightly different from typical Project Euler styled contests, so we hope that you find the problem set crisp and enjoyable :)

Gordian Knot belongs to same chain of technical events called Threads, which recently organized : Codecraft (on codeforces) & Fool's programming (on codechef). You can follow Threads blog on Quora too, on which we will be adding more articles soon. Presently, we have a unique system design contest called 'SysCraft' running and 'Kings of Machine Learning' lined up too.

Contest Link :
Start Date : 25th January , 08:00 IST
Duration : 24 hours
Prizes : T-shirts for Indian residents in top 20


  • We will release short editorial for 5 most popular problems.
  • You can ask for hints here if you are stuck on some problems, during last few hours we will provide hints on selected problems. Others strictly refrain from discussing/commenting about problems or posting hints/solutions.

So, can you solve 24 problems in 24 hours? (We have extra bonus problems)
Get your maths and programming skills brushed up by taking on our challenge and grab one of 20 T-shirts :)


  • Problem statements for P6,10,12,13 have been simplified. Please re-check.
  • Solutions for P21 have been re-judged.
  • Hint Phase begins! Ask us for hints, We wish to help you solve whole of the problemset :)
  • EXTENDED CONTEST till 8 pm today. We really want to see someone solve whole of problemset, hope you make best use of it!
  • J.T.J.L. & zimpha unlocked level-7!


  1. Zimpha
  2. J.T.J.L.
  3. zeliboba
  4. rkm0959
  5. akashdeep *
  6. jtnydv25 *
  7. usaxena95 *
  8. triveni *
  9. xenny *
  10. pokeylope
  11. hitman623 *
  12. amwat *
  13. cerberus97 *
  14. golovanov399
  15. teja349 *
  16. djdolls
  17. vercingetorix
  18. eygmath
  19. pulkitjain41 *
  20. shubhiks1032 *

*will get T-shirts! Congratulations. It was great to see a lot of people putting most of their day to the 36hr long contest, thankyou all for that. We had to re-write problem description for clarity in few problems, sorry for the inconvenience. We hope that you enjoyed solving the problems. Feel free to pm if you have suggestions/comments.

We will be publishing 5-popular problems' editorial as promised sooner this week :)

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By phpduke, 5 years ago, In English,

UPDATE : Its over , we will be updatting ranks soon !

This Contest is hosted here and contest will start at time . The Contest duration is kept short only 1 hour but problems are supposed to be moderately easy . If you still remember it, just to tell you it won't happen this time ;)

The problems have been set and tested by superty , phpduke , Sampriti and Jayganesh . Hope you enjoy this short but intense challenge :)

EDIT : The contest is today as the time in link says , sorry for misprint on poster , we apologize !

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By phpduke, 7 years ago, In English,

Indian Algolist Community Cup 2013 tomorrow at ! Time: 7 to 8:30 o clock as per Indian Standard Time. Contest by me will have 5 problems with such diversity in difficulty that even 'beginner/gray' coder can solve and atleast 1 question which will perspire even the 'masters/red' coders ! So do not miss !^_^! And need not mention , its open to ALL !

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