[Gym Contest] ACM Egyptian Collegiate Programming Contest (ECPC 2017) online mirror

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Hello CodeForces! I'd like to invite you to the online mirror of the 2017 ACM egyptian collegiate programming contest ,which will be held on Wednessday, 6 July 2018, 02:00pm Cairo time

contest link: ACM ECPC 2017

standings: link

ACM ECPC 2017 Highlights:

the problems were prepared and tested by : Thrax -chief judge-,Badry, Noureldin, SyrianPetr, safrout, Lvitsa, amrSamir, Amirnasr, islam-al-aarag, justHusam and RedStone

problems authors:

Assessment — islam-al-aarag

Breaking the curse — Badry

Cheering parabolas — Thrax

Dream Team — Lvitsa and Thrax

Evaluations — Noureldin

Forgot the Flag! — Noureldin

Glorious Stadium — SyrianPetr

Half Nice Years — Lvitsa and Thrax

Important matches — justHusam

Jacking ticket — Thrax

Katryoshka — Lvitsa

Lazy ERCD — Mohamed Fouad `

You will be given 5 hours to solve the problems.

Good Luck and have fun!

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