Still a newbie after solving 400-500 problems. Please Help!!!

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Dear Fellow programmers, I need help in forming a strategy to practice. I have solved ~190 problems on hackerrank, 200 — 210 problems on SPOJ (I had to see the editorial in many of them for the optimization required),it helped me by introducing new and useful data structures and algorithms. That indeed help me in reaching 3 star on codechef with a rating of 1678 (max. 1784) . I have even solved ~450 problems on codeforces as of now, but still perform bad in div 2 contests and my rating keeps decreasing. Although many fellow coders suggest to not to look up for one's rating instead practice for it, but I feel that ratings are a direct measure to evaluate one's growth , so it is really disheartening for me to see this constant decrement in the rating. My practice strategy (after coming to codeforces) is sorting (in an ascending order)the problems based on the number of users and then setting up a filter for ratings : x to x + 300 and then solving the unsolved problems.

So, can you please rectify if there is any error in my solving pattern or any suggestion that you would like to give in order to improve my problem solving abilities as well as learning new things efficiently.

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