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Hi all!

I'm happy to welcome you at the Div.1 and Div.2 shared rated round Mail.Ru Cup 2018 Round 1, it will start at Oct/18/2018 19:35 (Moscow time). The problems were prepared by me — Ivan Safonov. I'd like to thank Dmitry _kun_ Sayutin for an idea and preparation of one of the problems and Egor I_love_isaf27 Gorbachev for an idea for another one.

This round is the first round if the new championship called Mail.Ru Cup, you can learn more about it following the link. The round will be rated for everybody!

The championship feature the following prizes:

  • First place — Apple MacBook Air
  • Second and third place — Apple iPad
  • Fourth, fifth, sixth places — Samsung Gear S3
  • Traditionally, the top 100 championship participants will get cool T-shirts!

In each round, top 100 participants get prize points according to the table. The championship's result of a participant is the sum of the two largest results he gets on the three rounds.

Huge thanks to Grigory gritukan Reznikov and Ilya izban Zban for testing the problems, to Nikolay KAN Kalinin and Ildar 300iq Gainullin for their help in preparation, and to Mike MikeMirzayanov Mirzayanov for Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

The round will feature eight problems to solve in two and a half hours. The scoring will be announced closer to the beginning of the round.

I hope everyone will find some problems interesting. I wish everybody a successful round and a positive rating change!

Good luck!

UPD1,Scoring distribution:

500 750 1250 1500 2000 2250 3000 4000

Congratulations to the winners of Round 1!

  1. mnbvmar
  2. Um_nik
  3. V--o_o--V
  4. LHiC
  5. lewin



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Announcement of Mail.Ru Cup 2018 Round 1
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Mail.Ru Group together with Codeforces invites everyone to take part in the new Mail.Ru Cup competitive programming championship.


The championship is holding on the Codeforces platform in the format of four rounds: one practice round and three main rounds. Each round is open to all comers. There are no restrictions on participants in any of the rounds.

The practice round is intended for familiarization with the championship platform, participation in it is optional, the results of performances in the practice round do not affect the results of participation in the championship. It is unrated, the duration is 72 hours.

All three main rounds are independent, the results of participation in each of it do not affect the possibility of participation in next rounds. A competitor may take part in any number of main rounds. Each main round lasts 2.5 hours. All of them are open for everyone and rated for all participants.

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